Why Am I Here?

I’ve got a couple of goals with this website.

First: I’ve written maybe 70 songs over the years, that I remember and still play sometimes. A few I’ve forgotten because they were forgettable, but usually I don’t bother to invest the time and effort to finish a song unless I think it’s a keeper. Then I keep it. Some songwriters write “throwaway” songs for “practice,” a new one every day or something silly like that. Not I.

It’s about time I made a list of these great songs (editorial comment) and a collection of audio and video to go with it. For some there are recordings: older or newer, solo or with other musicians, video or audio only, professional studio or home studio or simple demo. Others, I’ve never recorded at all. It’s about time I catalogued them and made sure each one has a decent recording. Otherwise, how would my friends and family ever hear them, except live when I picked up a guitar felt like playing one of them?

Second: maybe somebody beyond my dear friends and family might like some of these songs. How would they ever hear them if I kept them squirreled away, secrets in my private collection, cassettes in my closet?